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Pastors of Park Ave. SDA Church--A Timeline
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Pastors of Park Ave. SDA Church--A Timeline
Pastors of Park Avenue SDA Church
     As we approach the 45th Anniversary of the establishment of Park Avenue Seventh-day Adventist Church of Champaign, we list the sixteen pastoral leaders of our congregation.

     Each week we will reveal our list by decades, beginning with our most current pastor, and concluding with the church's inaugural pastor.
The 2010s
Elder Nikolai X. Greaves
(July 2017-present)

     Elder Greaves was installed as the sixteenth pastor in the history of Park Avenue Seventh-day Adventist Church on Sabbath, July 1, 2017, by Dr. Timothy Nixon of the Lake Region Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (LRC).  Elder Greaves is a native of Barbados, and is a graduate of both Washington Adventist University and Andrews University.  He also serves as pastor of Mt. Sinai SDA Church in Peoria, Illinois and the Lebanon SDA Church of Decatur, Illinois.

Pastor Charles E. Brooks
(June 2010-March 2017)

     Pastor Brooks served the second longest pastoral tenure in the history of Park Avenue SDA Church.  A native of Alabama, Pastor Brooks had served in the South Central and Central States conferences prior to becoming our pastor.  He is a U.S. Miltary veteran and former police officer as well.  During his time here, he was also the pastor of the Lebanon and Mt. Sinai churches; it was at this time that this long-established district gained the title of the "Mid-Illinois Regional SDA District."  Elder Brooks loved to reach-out to the communities where his congregations were, and conducted many evangelistic efforts in order to bring to them the saving message of the Gospel during his time as district pastor.

Pastor Jason C. North, Sr.
(January 2009-2010)

     Pastor North proved to be an influential leader despite his brief time as the pastor of the Mid-Illinois Regional SDA District churches.  He was called away from the District by the LRC in order to pastor two churches in Indianapolis, and followed that by serving as leader of the LRC Youth & Young Adult, and Pathfinder ministries.
The 2000s
(The New Millenium)

Pastor Darnell Parham

     Pastor Parham was a native of the state of Alabama and served in the United States military during his early adult years.  He became an ordained elder in the SDA Church in his home state prior to receiving the call to full-time ministry.  Pastor Parham was a graduate of both Oakwood College and Andrews University.  He came to the Mid-Illinois Regional SDA District in 2006, after serving as the youth minister for the Mizpah SDA Church in Gary, Indiana.  Pastor Parham emphasized the preaching of the Three Angels message in the district and held evangelistic campaigns in each city.

     During his time at Park Avenue, the church was able to burn the mortgage of its current edifice in Summer 2007.

     He was called away from the district in 2008, as he and his family were assigned by the Lake Region Conference to pastor the Bethel SDA Church in Lansing, Michigan and the Summit SDA Church in Jackson, Michigan.  While there he also served as a volunteer hospital chaplain.  Early in his tenure there God spared he and his family, as they survived a horrific car crash while travelling on the interstate highway from their home in Champaign to a speaking engagement in Michigan.  Members of his former district showed much care for them as they recovered from their injuries.

     Following a lengthy illness, Pastor Parham passed away in February 2011.

Elder Harold M. Allison, Jr.

     The rather brief pastorate of Harold Allison ushered transformational changes to the worship experience of the churches in the Mid-Illinois Regional SDA District.  He and his wife, an accomplished pianist and medical doctor, helped initiate a different format and style for Sabbath worship service by adding more contemporary praise and worship songs to the repertoire.  Pastor Allison and his wife lived in the Bloomington-Normal area during their pastorate of the district, as it served as a central location.  Pastor Allison served the Lord in many ways prior to his work in the district, including serving as a chaplain in the United States military, as well as a prison chaplain.  He was eventually assigned by the Lake Region Conference of Seventh-day Adventists to pastor the Maywood (Illinois) Community SDA Church, and during that time he also served as the Adventist Community Services leader for the conference.

     Pastor Allison is currently serving as the pastor of multiple churches within the Centrals States Conference of Seventh-day Adventists: Cornerstone (Atchison, KS) SDA Church, Emmanuel (St. Joseph, MO) SDA Church, Highland Crest (Topeka, KS) SDA Church, and the Shiloh (Leavenworth, KS) SDA Church.
The 1990s
Moving Forward in Purpose)

Dr. Ronald H. Bell
(August 16, 1997-2002)

     During his pastorate at Park Avenue SDA Church, Elder Bell concurrently served as the pastor of the Philadelphia SDA Church in Muncie, Indiana, and he and his family lived in the Indianapolis area during that time.  Prior to his leadership at Park Avenue, Elder Bell had spent many years pastoring throughout the Lake Region Conference, starting with both the Maywood and Evanston, Illinois churches, followed by the Sharon SDA Church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and then the Capital City SDA Church of Indianapolis, being some of his previous churches.  He also was a doctor of psychology and behavioral health.

     Dr. Bell was dedicated to preaching the Gospel, and was excited to share and the Bible's prophetic messages and how they are to give us hope in Jesus.

     Elder Bell passed away in late December 2006.

Elder Charles R. Graham

     Momentous changes occurred at Park Avenue Seventh-day Adventist Church during the pastorate of Elder C.R. Graham.  Plans to obtain or construct a new church edifice had been in discussion for many years during the previous decade, as the congregation's initial building was in constant need of repair and was deemed insufficient to the needs of its ministries.  Elder Graham was charged with the task of leading Park Avenue into a new church building.  His tireless effort and dedication helped lead a rather small congregation into its new building in Spring 1996.

     Elder Graham was also dedicated to proclaiming the everlasting Gospel to the community, and was active in sharing Jesus both personally and through the Bible study correspondence school.  His wife was also active in ministry and shared her amazing talent as a pianist during worship services.

     Elder Graham retired from active ministry in the Lake Region Conference after leading Park Avenue SDA Church into its new edifice.   In the late 1990s Elder Graham passed to his rest to await the Resurrection.

The 1980s
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